Colossal Failure - Liz Glab says No: "I see XR as our only hope”

After three decades of toil, climate activists have clocked up few major wins. Our coal plants are still some the dirtiest in the world, belching unscrubbed emissions onto the life expectancy of nearby communities. Crosby Textor pulled off the unthinkable - not just the election, but getting us all to believe that we “lost” the "climate election” - justifying an aggressive attempted fossil fuel rollout despite Australia's ink on the Paris Agreement. On the back of Palmer’s spending the government feels confident to roll out more public money for new coal, and new gas is turbo charging our still rising emissions. 
Liz Glab talking
EMCA asked previously mild mannered Liz Glab why she founded the local chapter of Extinction Rebellion. 
"When I was part of an XR Die In in the city earlier this year, my role was to talk to bystanders about what why we were doing this. Every foreign visitor from western Europe had the same message. They were perplexed at the situation in Australia, where the climate emergency had somehow been turned into a political debate. In western Europe, the scientific facts were accepted.
So here are my thoughts on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.
I  am a retired concert pianist; performing and teaching music for many years. Later in life I graduated with an MBA. I am a long-time member of the Western Bulldogs.
Three years ago, I was so frustrated and angry at the inaction of people in power on our environment that I decided to do something about it. So I volunteered for many progressive organisations, including: ACF, EV, GetUp, FOE, Kooyong Climate Change Alliance, Boroondara Reconciliation Network, and others.
Liz Glab activist
Several months ago I had an epiphany.
So many informed, caring and dedicated people have toiled for over three decades, trying to effect change within the system. With what result? I can do no better than quote Tim Flannery who recently wrote in both The Conversation and The Guardian: ‘I now look back on my 20 years of climate activism as a colossal failure’. He is giving voice to so many others, who realise the old ways simply have not worked.

Denial is not an option
However, I believe there is hope, but only if we mobilise in large numbers and do things differently.

Do things differently

Extinction Rebellion offers a new approach and a well-considered set of characteristics. The four most notable to me are: peaceful civil disobedience, emphasis on Regenerative Culture, the demand for a Citizens Assembly, and being a global movement.
XR theatre

I see XR as our only hope to get the voices of the caring majority heard, and prevent the worst effects of the Climate and Ecological Emergency. 
Northcote drown in
If you have any doubts as to the direness of our predicament or the acute need for action, there are countless reports you can read; or just watch what David Attenborough has to say.
Always rely on reflex
Everyone is needed! Join us in Carlton Gardens next week, as we start our Global Spring Rebellion. We will be joining in street disruption, and also on outreach, and doing publicity and poster runs beforehand. 
Caring majority
For further information or to ask any questions, feel free to contact me."
XR Nothcote Drown-In

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