We were part of something big

In March we knew the next climate strikes were going to be large. But how large was up to us. The date was set for just three days before UN's Emergency Climate Summit, September 20th, with some countries going for the 27th.

Barnstorm banner

And so began months of preparation. Each local group would be responsible for turning out people, forming new alliances and supporting the school strikers. Climate strike nights were proposed, so we prepared for an info session, leafletting at our weekly Climate Emergency street conversations, and a barnstorm style event.


Alice at barnstorm

We were inspired by school striker, Alice Caldwell who explained just how urgent it was to put pressure on our Government - our emissions are still increasing and effective climate action is being delayed.

Barnstorm speakers

Over 40,000 leaflets and posters were distributed. Len was joined by many others in stepping up to run street conversations and leafletting. Tam and her crew took up the early shift and hit train station after train station. Lighter Footprints supported the Strike with leaflet bundles,  poster distribution and many volunteers.

Flyers for the climate strike

We organised a craft night, and local families and activists made beautiful hand made placards and posters, and supported the campaign with a photoshoot - huge thanks!

Craft Night Climate Strike

Thanks so much to Ed - and thanks again for our splendid climate emergency banner, and again for organising the Vigil, where we protested the loss of land rights for the Wangan and Jagalingou people in favour of Adani, and also publicised the Climate Strike.


Thanks also to the many volunteers and local families who helped with publicity and organised events. Our self printing dropbox link was used many times!

Huge crowds at the climate strike

And on the day we were overwhelmed with the crowds, creativity, theatre, the goodwill, the sense of purpose. The sense of scale was breathtaking, and many people waited patiently for over an hour to join the march, where the front arrived back well before the back had started.

climate strike colour and movement

150,000 in Melbourne, 7 million over two weekends, united in purpose to move heaven and earth to make our world safe for our kids.

family for climate strike

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  • Ed Adamson
    commented 2019-10-02 08:46:11 +1000
    The family photo says it all – We’re doing it for our kids, our grand-kids and the survival of our Planet. Whoever first said THERE IS NO PLANET B is spot on. Join us now and come on October 5th to BALWYN library room downstairs 5 for 5.30 this Saturday October 5th. To Zero Emissions with Friends of the Earth and Environment Victoria presenters along with our own David Strang.