So you want to save the planet - could Victoria's targets be the best game in town?

Leigh Ewbank, veteran climate campaigner, is on a mission. "We have between December 1st to March 31st to bring home the campaign you worked so hard to make submissions for - Victoria's state targets."

Leigh Ewbank - it's a climate emergency

With the Feds gone AWOL on climate ambition, here's a great opportunity to create space for a revitalised Victorian manufacturing sector, achieve heavy lifting on emissions, and increase the life expectancy of children in the Valley - all with one announcement.

“Now more than ever we need the Victorian Labor government to show political leadership and set the targets needed to meet 1.5°C challenge” writes Leigh as Friends of the Earth’s climate spokesperson

We should settle for nothing less than a 1.5°C future. If the Victorian Government accepts science based targets, Victoria could step into the breach: "The Federal Coalition's failure to act on the climate crisis leaves Victorian communities exposed to intensifying heatwaves, droughts, bushfires, and rising sea levels.”

We have a tight timetable before the Victorian targets announcement in March. But as Leigh points out in a recent blog post, the campaign has been building a good head of steam (2,500 submissions, dozens of MP visits and media stories, emails and packed out community forums), plus there is now the impetus flowing from 250,000 Melbournians packing out the city in the recent Climate Strike.

It's now up to us all to make the strongest case possible for emergency speed climate action, and much stronger science based targets that are consistent with keeping global heating to below 1.5°C rather than the terrible runaway risks of the over 3°C we are currently headed for.

Together we can create awareness and political will - lobbying, actions and creative tactics to raise Victoria's climate ambition!

Leigh at the clocks

Leigh spoke at our recent event at the Balwyn Library on October 5th, and canvassed climate action plans with attendees looking at the difference between lower and higher ambition on our immediate local impacts.
 Could can check the Facebook Live of our three speakers, and view more images here.

Leigh Ewbank at EMCA forum

Climate action isn't just about clean energy, although this is the easiest sector to get results. Tree cover, public transport, protecting health and biodiversity - these are all powerful frames for change. Whether you are good at writing, making creative placards, or have worked in negotiations (so feel good about joining lobby teams), your contribution will help secure a cleaner, brighter future for our kids - so we would love to give you the opportunity to indicate your interest in MP visits, lobbying or climate actions on our Volunteer page

Leigh Ewbank with volunteers

It's all hands to the solar panel in the lead up to March! 

Leigh Ewbank

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