Strong Support for Climate Emergency Declaration in Boroondara

The Climate Strike is a watershed in public awareness of the ecological crisis caused by fossil fuels. 350,000 Australians mobilised for climate action at emergency speed. Now we can keep the momentum going with powerful change at the local level.

Volunteers for Climate Emergency Declaration

Do you want more public transport - of course. Protection against heat impacts - yes. Restored wetlands and better tree cover in our streets? Absolutely. Would you like climate action at emergency speed - yes, where can I sign up!


Local climate groups have banded together to prepare for Climate Emergency Declarations, to foster real change, starting with education and a petition to Boroondara Council. Our volunteers are committed to getting as many signatures as possible to encourage real change and increased commitment from Council on climate action strategies and programs.

The Boroondara Climate Emergency Declaration team have been active in the local area seeking signatures from citizens for Boroondara Council to declare a climate emergency. The petition has currently well over 300 signatures from Boroondara locals who have engaged with our street conversation volunteers who explain the petition before signing. The Climate Emergency Declaration (CED) movement in Australia is gaining genuine momentum with over 60 councils and durisdictions passing motions that make a bold public statement that can lead to aligning action with the latest science from the IPCC. 

Climate convos

What actions can councils take once they declare a climate emergency? In short, plenty. From being promoters of solar energy to ratepayers to implementing partnerships and action programs with local businesses to reduce carbon footprints. The imagination gets switched on from making that one bold statement - we accept the science that the climate is rapidly changing and strong action and commitment is needed.

Climate street conversations

Boroondara council, by declaring a climate emergency can become leaders and stand beside other councils who have made a declaration for implementing practical, long lasting changes. For further information on which councils in Australia have committed to a Climate Emergency Declaration please go to

Our climate emergency declaration team need your help to build a stronger team of like minded volunteers to build a large petition to be presented to council before next years local council election. Volunteer today by calling or texting Len Goldsmith 0412 409 855.

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