Government strips native title from W&J for Adani


    15 Barnstorm climate strike events to support our kids


    Families and community members rallied round to make beautiful heartfelt placards


    Local volunteers delivered more than 40,000 Climate Strike flyers


    Photoshoots to support local climate strike publicity


    150,000 in Melbourne, 350,000 in Australia, 7 million globally

National Climate Emergency Summit Wrap

Creative determination, courage and collaboration. These were the hallmarks of the extraordinary National Climate Emergency Summit, shaping Australia's emergency transition   Continue reading

Accelerating the Transition - The Way Forward

David Strang on accelerating our transition to zero emissions with a target of net zero by 2030, with particular emphasis on the electricity and transport sectors. Continue reading

Hydrogen: Australia's coming energy export boom - saving the planet.

Australia’s next large energy export boom is on its way – and it will be clean energy - hydrogen produced from Green Energy Given policy and industry support a hydrogen economy is on its way, says BNEF in a new report, unlocking clean economy solutions for difficult sectors (transport, some industrial processes such as steel making and concrete) but also offering firming and seasonal storage to renewables.   Continue reading

Moving Forward on the Great Transition - October 5th wrap

Vertical gardens, learning to lobby, green trains, offshore wind, local climate emergency action - ideas flowed freely in the discussion groups in our event at the Balwyn Library on October 5th, featuring presentations from Jane Stabb, Leigh Ewbank and Lucy Strang. Eastern Melbourne Climate Alliance was delighted with the audience engagement, and welcomed people as far away as Eltham. Thanks to you all for your contributions and commitment to local climate action, the climate emergency declaration campaign, MP lobby visits and supporting raising Victoria's climate targets. Continue reading

Yallourn, Energy Australia's Dirtiest Secret

The audience at our recent The Future is Zero Emissions event was surprised to hear that only 90 minutes from Melbourne, children are suffering preventable health impacts including from mercury. The owner of Australia's dirtiest power station, Yallourn, has not even put in simple bag filters, let alone other systems like scrubbers, that other power station owners have complied with. The consequences - you've guessed it, local kids are getting sicker - and local communities are bearing unacceptable health impacts. Mercury? Seriously, Melbourne is not in a third world nation. Talk about socialising the costs and privatising the profits.Are you up for some quick facts on Yallourn? Read on ... Continue reading

Spring Rebellion - XR rocks Melbourne

Vibrance, power, intensity - Melbourne did the Rebellion proud on Monday, blocking up the city for hours, drawing attention to our ecological crisis where we face biosphere collapse if the world doesn't act on climate forthwith. Melbourne rebels poured into the CBD, blocking the streets, to tell Australia that business as usual risks runaway climate change. The current ecological crisis is brutal. Emissions continue to rise. Species continue to die. Global temperatures continue to go up because we refuse to transition our economies away from fossil fuels. And to cap it all off, our Government wants to pour public money into new coal. Continue reading

Goodbye to Brown Coal by David Strang

So what's stopping us from saying goodbye to our unreliable and polluting old coal generators?Australia is blessed with an abundance of renewable energy resources.  We have a country well suited to the generation of electricity from solar and wind to support our hydro-electric generators.  In addition, we have an incredible opportunity to create a new major export industry by generating hydrogen for export.  A transition to renewable energy sources is environmentally and financially beneficial.  But instead, we cling to outdated brown coal fired generators.  It makes no sense. Continue reading

Colossal Failure - Liz Glab says No: "I see XR as our only hope”

After three decades of toil, climate activists have clocked up few major wins. Our coal plants are still some the dirtiest in the world, belching unscrubbed emissions onto the life expectancy of nearby communities. Crosby Textor pulled off the unthinkable - not just the election, but getting us all to believe that we “lost” the "climate election” - justifying an aggressive attempted fossil fuel rollout despite Australia's ink on the Paris Agreement. On the back of Palmer’s spending the government feels confident to roll out more public money for new coal, and new gas is turbo charging our still rising emissions.  EMCA asked previously mild mannered Liz Glab why she founded the local chapter of Extinction Rebellion.  Continue reading

So you want to save the planet - could Victoria's targets be the best game in town?

Leigh Ewbank, veteran climate campaigner, is on a mission. "We have between December 1st to March 31st to bring home the campaign you worked so hard to make submissions for - Victoria's state targets." With the Feds gone AWOL on climate ambition, here's a great opportunity to create space for a revitalised Victorian manufacturing sector, achieve heavy lifting on emissions, and increase the life expectancy of children in the Valley - all with one announcement.“Now more than ever we need the Victorian Labor government to show political leadership and set the targets needed to meet 1.5°C challenge” writes Leigh as Friends of the Earth’s climate spokesperson.  Continue reading

XR - The Theatre of Spring

We have all had our moments chanting "What do we want.. Climate Action. When do we want it? Now" or "Stop, Stop, Stop Stop, Adani". Does protest work we say? What about Bob Brown, who might have single handedly lost the election? Charging horses aside, have we stepped into some morass of self blame, side stepping the necessary analysis about whether or not the forces of coal and their political running mates might just have better handle on some kind of, a get go kind of social glue, instead of the less cheerful version, neo liberal at the centre, of a plethora of policies run out of a persona afflicted with the non-scrapable epithet of Shifty....Time is running out. The truth is that we are heading for extinction - unless we U turn into a functional democracy where the cries of our children for climate justice are attended to forthwith. This is where Extinction Rebellion comes in. Continue reading