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We are facing a climate crisis

Fires, floods and drought - we are feeling the impacts right now.
There are good solutions, but our government is paralysed, so it's up to us to act.

Join with us for effective action

EMCA supports strong local climate action by

  • Supporting local climate working groups
  • Organising actions and events
  • Providing information and education on climate

Zero Emissions - raising Victoria's Ambition on October 5th

October 5 Working with Allies

We have an urgent task - getting to zero emissions as fast as possible.
And that means moving beyond coal, and a just transition as we move into a clean economy. The school strikers have clear demands - no new coal or gas (including thee Adani mine), getting to zero ASAP, and decent clean jobs.

Working with Allies: Speakers, panel discussion and workshop

Jane Stabb, Environment Victoria's Organiser extraordinaire and Leigh Ewbank, FOE's organising legend will outline current campaigns to move beyond coal, get to Zero and raise ambition on our very important Victorian climate targets.
After a panel discussion we will be putting our heads together on local, do-able projects and how we can support big picture change.

5 for 5.30-8pm, Balwyn Library, 336 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn
Thanks for your RSVP, and we would love your support on our Facebook event too.

The Climate Strike was Epic!

Climate Strike crowds

Wow - people as far as the eye can see. In fact even the Herald Sun called it at 150,000: "Bigger than the Grand Final".
We are so grateful for all your work - getting up early morning after morning, handing out flyers outside supermarkets, at Camberwell market, putting up posters at your local shopping strip - and walking up to the Climate Strike Train from Camberwell Junction. Check out more images here.
Huge thanks to all our volunteers who made this such a success!

At 350,000 or more, Australians formed nearly 10% of the 4 million people who went on strike before the UN Emergency Climate Summit where our own PM snubbed the proceedings in favour of looking at a shiny new McDonalds and hanging out with Trump.
But this is not all. Australians are getting more organised by the minute. We are coming into our power.
Join us on 
October 5th to find out what we can do locally that will continue the powerful momentum for change!

Vigil for Climate Justice for the frontlines and our kids - thanks everyone!

Vigil for frontlines

Thanks so much to our activists who stood witness to the atrocious abuse of the Wangan and Jagalingou who have been stripped of their Native Title in favour of Adani without their consent.
Please support Wangan & Jagalinou in their continued fight against Adani.

W&J have been in the frontlines, standing between us and the threat of Galilee's massive carbon bomb - 29 billion tons, nearly twice as big as Exxon.
If the Adani mine goes ahead it is likely that the sacred Doongmabulla Springs, the home of the Rainbow Serpent, will dry up. As Uncle Adrain Burragubba said, if the Springs dry up, then we will lose the sacred dreaming of the Rainbow Serpent, and as a people we will wither and die. 
Please donate to Wangan and Jagalingou's legal fund. They are standing firm, and they need our help!
We also stood for our kids who are under threat from coal mining, and handed out Climate Strike flyers.