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We are facing a climate crisis

Fires, floods and drought - we are feeling the impacts right now.
There are good solutions, but our government is paralysed, so it's up to us to act.

Join with us for effective action

EMCA supports strong local climate action by

  • Supporting local climate working groups
  • Organising actions and events
  • Providing information and education on climate

Sign up to the Safe Climate Declaration.

Join prominent national leaders in a historic call for climate leadership to address the climate threat.
The Safe Climate Declaration calls for strengthened democracy, 
and fast action:

  • Cutting greenhouse gas emissions rapidly to zero. All fossil fuel expansion to be stopped immediately; policies which encourage fossil fuel use halted and subsidies removed; and the existing industry wound down rapidly with adjustment programmes for frontline communities. Strategies to minimise methane emissions need to be implemented urgently.
  • Drawing down atmospheric carbon concentrations to a safe level from the current 413 ppm level through actions that include redesigning agricultural and forestry practices and implementing extensive soil, estuarine and ocean carbon sequestration.
  • Working to prevent tipping points and damage while the zero emission and drawdown goals are being achieved.
  • Integrating adaptation and resilience measures into the economic restructuring needed to restore a safe climate and repair ecosystems.

National Climate Emergency Summit declaration

Sign on here

NCES website

Just in.
The next big Climate Strike will take place on May 15th.

Last September Melbourne rolled out 150,000 people, demanding climate action.

Let's support our kids this coming May 15th. Let's do our part to grow an unstoppable movement.
Our kids deserve a liveable future. What they want is very simple.

  1. No new coal, oil and gas projects, including the Adani mine.
  2. 100% renewable energy generation & exports by 2030
  3. Fund a just transition & job creation for all fossil-fuel workers & communities.

School Strike May 15th

Join your local strike here.
If you are Melbourne we will be meeting at the Carlton Gardens at 12pm - register here!

We closed the decade with Hypothetical - Net Zero by 2030

  • The Year is 2030.
  • We got to Zero Emissions.
  • How did we do it?

Zero Emissions by 2030

Mik Aidt's talked about the transformative potential of acting on our climate crisis
Energy and community experts including Mik Aidt from the Sustainable Hour offered us his presentation from a recent international conference, Carolyn talked about energy transformation and Liz Glab from our local XR chapter spoke about creating change. We workshopped ideas to raise our ambition and how to move quickly on real climate action, and head Australia towards massive renewables exports, energy rich manufacturing with ideas including improved land use, and regaining community power and ownership of energy systems.

We took an entertaining look on how the next decade could spin out towards Zero Emissions by 2030!

Year 2023

Hawthorn Library, Rooms 3&4. RSVP here, and we would love your support on Facebook too.

The Climate Strike on September 20 was Epic!

Climate Strike crowds

Wow - people as far as the eye can see. In fact even the Herald Sun called it at 150,000: "Bigger than the Grand Final".
We are so grateful for all your work - getting up early morning after morning, handing out flyers outside supermarkets, at Camberwell market, putting up posters at your local shopping strip - and walking up to the Climate Strike Train from Camberwell Junction. Check out more images here.
Huge thanks to all our volunteers who made this such a success!

At 350,000 or more, Australians formed nearly 10% of the 4 million people who went on strike before the UN Emergency Climate Summit where our own PM snubbed the proceedings in favour of looking at a shiny new McDonalds and hanging out with Trump.
But this is not all. Australians are getting more organised by the minute. We are coming into our power.
Join us on 
October 5th to find out what we can do locally that will continue the powerful momentum for change!