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We are facing a climate crisis

Fires, floods and drought - we are feeling the impacts right now.
There are good solutions, but our government is paralysed, so it's up to us to act.

Join with us for effective action

EMCA supports strong local climate action by

  • Supporting local climate working groups
  • Organising actions and events
  • Providing information and education on climate

Sunday Dec 1st: Hypothetical - Net Zero by 2030

  • The Year is 2030.
  • We got to Zero Emissions.
  • How did we do it?

Hypothetical - Net Zero by 2030

Join our expert panel Sunday December 1st, 1.30-3.30 to look Australia's potential for rapid change
Energy and community experts including Mik Aidt from the Sustainable Hour adapting a presentation from a recent international conference, Liz Glab on motivation and creating change, will help us backcast from success, raising our ambition and generating ideas on how we can move quickly on real climate action, and head Australia towards massive renewables exports, energy rich manufacturing with ideas including improved land use, and regaining community power and ownership of energy systems.

We will take an entertaining look through the next tumultuous decade, helped along with some seriously bad photoshop and audience participation. Get ready to rock and roll at this end of year event!

Year 2023

Hawthorn Library, Rooms 3&4. RSVP here, and we would love your support on Facebook too.

The Climate Strike was Epic!

Climate Strike crowds

Wow - people as far as the eye can see. In fact even the Herald Sun called it at 150,000: "Bigger than the Grand Final".
We are so grateful for all your work - getting up early morning after morning, handing out flyers outside supermarkets, at Camberwell market, putting up posters at your local shopping strip - and walking up to the Climate Strike Train from Camberwell Junction. Check out more images here.
Huge thanks to all our volunteers who made this such a success!

At 350,000 or more, Australians formed nearly 10% of the 4 million people who went on strike before the UN Emergency Climate Summit where our own PM snubbed the proceedings in favour of looking at a shiny new McDonalds and hanging out with Trump.
But this is not all. Australians are getting more organised by the minute. We are coming into our power.
Join us on 
October 5th to find out what we can do locally that will continue the powerful momentum for change!